Projects and R&D

We are passionate about working with Care Sector Professionals and other Care Organisations to raise the quality of client care and staff support and training & development.

Finnish Students Exchange
Three Finnish nurses have visited us as part of their studies. The link up with the Health Care Institute of Hyvinkää, is part of a European exchange programme, the Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Programme. The students spent five-week with us in Jan / Feb 2014. The programme's International Co-ordinator, Terttu Aaltonen, said: "We are delighted that it is possible for us to send our teachers, students and supervisors to Pendine Park as they take excellent care of their residents. It's a good place for our students to come and learn".

As part of the programme Tracey Smith, Manager of Highfield and nurse Josie De Guzman, who leads in clinical practice and audits infection control, will go to Finland look round a hospital and a care facility to see how it differs from what we do here. Especially on the infection control side of things, because the infection rates are lower in Finland compared to other countries. It's vitally important to share pest practice and we are constantly striving to improve.

RCN Learning Centre: The first of its kind to be located within an independent care organisation.
Situated in our Teaching Care Centre, this resource offers registered nurses and care practitioners from any organisation opportunities for personal and professional development. The resource room houses IT equipment with internet access, professional magazines, reference books and information leaflets. If you would like to come and make use of this facility please just call us on 01978 315207 to book some time in the centre.

Gold Standard Framework: A practical guide to improving care for residents of care homes as they near the end of their lives.
Our staff at Highfield worked the McMillan Service to measure and evaluate care for residents nearing the end of life and as a result in February 2013 achieved Golden Standard Framework. The main aim is to help residents live well until the end of life and and support staff to demonstrate highest quality, appropriate end of life care. The Golden Standards Framework is recommended as best practice by Department of Health End of Life Care Strategy, NICE, Royal College of General Practitioners & RCN.

Bangor University Research Project: Stroke Care Best Practice.
We are participating in a research project with Bangor University to explore what is considered best practice for residents who have suffered a stroke and now live in a care home setting. The National Stroke Strategy (DoH2007) supports the need for further research to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions after the acute phase of stroke. Research has shown as many as one in six residents of care homes with nursing have suffered a stroke and yet there is little evidence of structured care. The aim of the project is to promote and implement Stroke Best Practice Guidelines. After-care from the acute sector is also being explored.

Academy of Care Practitioners (ACP) Launch.
Research has shown that Social Care workers believe that they should be recognised as a profession and we are proud to have played a key role in development and launch of the ACP to do just that. The ACP supports Care Practitioners with advice and publications and with training and advice to promote continual training and development.
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Developments in Dementia Care: Challenging behaviour and dementia in residential care: risk assessment and management instrument.
Mike Bird co-author of this document visited Bodlondeb to explain the impact of proper risk assessment when managing challenging behaviour of residents. The Staff have adopted the principles of the assessment tools and have reported successful management changes for two residents with positive outcomes for both staff and resident. Dr. Bird who conducted his research in Australia has agreed to visit again next year to review progress.

Korskoff's Syndrome Research.
Staff and residents in Bodlondeb are helping the medical profession in mapping the prognosis or improvement for those suffering from Korskoff's Syndrome as part of a UK initiative. Professor Rafal is leading from Bangor University on the medical study however staff have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and have greatly benefited from training in relation to false memories which are part of the disease process.

Trainee GPs see care in action
A team of doctors have given us a thorough examination. Eleven trainee GPs had an appointment at Pendine Park's main site in Summerhill Road, Wrexham. They had the opportunity to examine facilities, talk to staff and even quiz relatives and residents about the provision of care and their personal experiences. The visit was organised by the budding GP's tutor, Dr Ian Happs, who practices in Gresford, and Llangollen-based Doctor Bob Tanner, with the aim of giving the trainees a different perspective on residential care. Dr Happs says, with the care industry receiving so much negative press, it's important to show trainee GP's that there is another side of the coin.