Dementia and Mental Health Care

Cae Bryn was our first dementia care centre providing nursing care and support for those with memory problems such as Alzheimer's Disease. We have now also opened Bodlondeb. Our expert team of specifically trained nurses and care practitioners are very experienced and are chosen for their caring understanding nature, empathy and cheerfulness.

Cae Bryn’s holistic approach to care has a strong emphasis on individuality, treating people with dignity and respect in a safe and caring environment. Our excellent staffing levels assist our clients to have as much independence and personal support as possible. First class accommodation is purpose-built to cater for people with a range of mental health conditions.

Well designed and homely, Cae Bryn is surrounded by beautiful countryside with well maintained and safe gardens including a multisensory garden for clients to enjoy.

We often look after residents with high dependency needs, rest assured, we have the facilities, experience, training, understanding and patience to properly and sensitively care for our residents. Pastimes and activities are an important part of life at Cae Bryn and provide stimulation whilst enhancing the quality of life of those in our care. There is a nostalgia room, ‘Katie's tea Room’ that forms a part of our reminiscence ‘Down Memory Lane’ therapy and a ‘Snozelen Room’ which is a multisensory environment that provides valuable stimulation. A range of delicious home cooked meals are available to cater for all tastes and we are experts in understanding how little things like the colour of plates can have an impact on how those with dementia experience mealtimes. These little details add up and can make a big difference in helping us promote fulfilled lives.

Cae Bryn also has the benefit of a very active Family Support Group for families who wish to share their experiences.

Judi Roberts is the manager at Cae Bryn

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